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We are excited to announce that over the next few months, SFMA.com and its contents will begin merging to FunctionalMovement.com, the new home of Functional Movement Systems.

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The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a series of 7 full-body movement tests designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement such as bending and squatting in those with known musculoskeletal pain. When the clinical assessment is initiated from the perspective of the movement pattern, the clinician has the opportunity to identify meaningful impairments that may be seemingly unrelated to the main musculoskeletal complaint, but contribute to the associated disability. This concept, known as Regional Interdependence, is the hallmark of the SFMA.

The assessment guides the clinician to the most dysfunctional non-painful movement pattern, which is then assessed in detail. This approach is designed to complement the existing exam and serve as a model to efficiently integrate the concepts of posture, muscle balance and the fundamental patterns of movement into musculoskeletal practice. By addressing the most dysfunctional non-painful pattern, the application of targeted interventions (manual therapy and therapeutic exercise) is not adversely affected by pain.

SFMA offers healthcare professionals a new approach to the treatment of pain and dysfunction. Our standardized clinical model ensures isolating the cause of injury and efficient care.


Date Seminar  
Dec 04 - 07 2014 SFMA Certification Course Plus FMS Certification Course(London, UK) Register 
Dec 05 - 06 2014 SFMA Certification Course (Dallas, TX)
Instructors: Rose/Honarbakhsh
Dec 05 - 07 2014 SFMA Certification Course Plus FMS Certification Course (Dallas, TX)
Instructors: Rose/Honarbakhsh
Dec 06 - 07 2014 SFMA Certification Course (London, UK)Instructor: Kyle Kiesel Register 
Dec 11 - 12 2014 SFMA Certification Course (Melbourne, Australia) Instructor: Kyle Kiesel Register 


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